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New recordings for our listening community

Dogen Institute is pleased to announce two new full-length recordings of genzo-e given by Okumura Roshi, now available for study on the DI’s Podia siteBussho Part I and Uji. These recordings are made available free to our Podia site subscribers.

  • The first recording is a video covering the first third of Dōgen’s Shobogenzo Bussho. As you may know, Okumura Roshi is lecturing on Bussho for his last three genzo-e. We expect to make the second set of recordings on Bussho (from November 2022) available on the Podia site late this year. The third part of Bussho will be covered during the live genzo-e in May 2023. You can find information about registering for the May 2023 genzo-e here.
  • The second recording we are releasing is an audio covering Shobogenzo Uji, given in 2004.

If you are not yet a subscriber to our Podia site, please join us! You can find information about subscribing here.

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New article by Okumura Roshi in Dharma Eye

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Okumura Roshi is a regular contributor to Dharma Eye, the journal of the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center, providing translation of and commentary on fascicles of Dogen Zenji’s Shobogenzo. Numerous articles are available free online. For a full listing, and the latest article on Shobogenzo Kannon, which we have just posted, please see our DI page dedicated to these articles.

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New translation – Vivir guiados por el Voto

We are happy to share the availability in Spanish of Okumura Roshi’s book, Living by Vow.

The title of the Spanish edition is Vivir guiados por el Voto and the publisher is Editorial Nous. It’s available through the publisher’s website.


Vivir guiados por el Voto

“Este es un gran libro: un texto poco común que integra completamente la riqueza del budismo culturalmente profundo de Dōgen con las necesidades del estudiante contemporáneo. Su presentación de los textos litúrgicos claves de Soto Zen será una lectura obligada para todos los estudiantes de esta tradición, y será de gran beneficio para cualquiera que desee apreciar la naturaleza y el alcance de la vida religiosa. Estoy inspirado y encantado con este libro y lo usaré durante mucho tiempo”.

Zoketsu Norman Fisher, autor de Training in Compassion

“Vivir guiados por el Voto revela gran parte de la liturgia zen con sorprendente claridad, profundidad y detalle. Este es un recurso esencial para estudiantes y profesores por igual”.

Dosho Port, autor de Keep Me in Your Heart a While

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See our publications page for a complete listing.

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Subscribe to our new listening community

You’re invited to join the Dogen Institute listening community.

Dōgen Institute is launching a subscription site for access to audio and video content related to our mission.

With a monthly subscription, you will receive access to a collection of Okumura Roshi’s genzo-e lectures. We are offering a variety of audio and video recordings of various genzo-e given over the years. These genzo-e focus on the study of Dōgen Zenji’s Shobogenzo. Each genzo-e generally consists of 9 or more individual lectures. When available, a printed translation of the text being studied is also provided.

The subscription is $10 per month, or $100 for a full year. You will receive a free, 5-day trial with your subscription.

After subscribing to our listening community, you will have initial access to:

  • One video genzo-e:
    Shobogenzo Hossho-Juppo*
  • Four audio genzo-e:
    Shobogenzo Butsukojoji
    Shobogenzo Gyobutsu igi
    Shobogenzo Hotsubodaishin
    Shobogenzo Shingin gakudo

We plan to make more recordings available each quarter, as our selection of recordings on this site is built.

While these recordings sometimes vary in sound quality, we have enhanced them to the best of our abilities and know that people will benefit by listening to them.

If you’re interested, please join us.

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*The lectures on Shobogenzo Hossho-Juppo, given in May 2021 during the midst of the pandemic, have only been seen by a handful of practitioners to date, and are now finally available, as a part of your subscription.