The Dōgen Institute, a part of the Sanshin Zen Community, is looking for volunteers. We have has many opportunities for participation, either locally or virtually, and we need and appreciate your involvement. Our volunteers find their work extremely rewarding, providing an opportunity for give-back, and for study. We have many exciting and varied projects underway. We welcome your participation from anywhere in the world. Even one hour per week can be very helpful. Use our Contact Form if you have interest. Currently we are looking for participants in these areas:

Listeners Listen to unpublished audio lectures and prepare a very short summary for our catalog. This helps us to identify what is in our library of recordings. Listen to dharma talks, provide quick summaries and identifying information. We’ve recently retrieved many rare recordings of Okumura Roshi’s lectures which are in need of some listeners to help catalog them. Even listening to one talk per week can help!

Transcribers – Listen to and transcribe audio lectures for web/print publication.

Content gleaner – Listen and read through Okumura Roshi’s lectures to identify and prepare small excerpts for use on the web, and other communications. We have two very interesting and fun concepts in mind for this, and need your help to make it real.

Archivists / E-librarian – Help to track and organize our online digital recordings of dharma talks and transcriptions.

Web content editor – Edit short items for appearance on the Dōgen Institute website; create, publish, and manage individual posts and web pages; etc. This is a very rewarding opportunity for persons interested in reaching others, offering the opportunity for them to study the Dharma. Web design experience a plus.

Audio editors – Prepare audio files for publication as podcasts or downloadable albums. Familiarity with audio software such as Audacity needed.

Video editors – Prepare video files for publication. Familiarity with video editing software needed. Ability to edit content and create a coherent and effective video.

e-Book designers – Help DI as it establishes its own ebook imprint! Layout experience using products such as Adobe and Amazon Createspace needed. 

Newsletter editor – Create content for DI newsletters, including interviews and articles.

Japanese language skills – some of the above tasks could benefit from individuals with fluency in Japanese, who could add their special expertise to the efforts of others. Translation into other languages is also a possibility, so if you have skills in a language other than Japanese or English, please let us know.

We understand that your volunteer work for not-for-profit organizations comes at the expense of your personal time. With that in mind, we always respect and appreciate whatever amount of time you have to offer towards these efforts.

Please send us a message via our Contact Form and let us know what your interests are, and thank you!

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