Our life: the study of our times

A message from Okumura Roshi

The problem which all people are facing now is really about Shoji (Life-and-Death) and Zenki (Total Function).

These are the two fascicles of Shobogenzo I was asked to talk about in London recently. I had to cancel my talks and return home because of the pandemic.

I think the important point of studying Shoji (Life and Death) is that our life is extremely fragile and therefore it is precious.

We need to take care of our life without clinging to it.

Copyright©2020 Jisho Takahashi

Our usual understanding of “my life”

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Translation and commentary by Shōhaku Okumura Roshi.
This is the second of a series of three posts on Zenki and Shoji.
You can find the first post in this series here.
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For further study:

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