The Bodhisattva Heart

Extract from Boundless Vows, Endless Practice
German version of this post


I firmly believe that the heart of the world is a bodhisattva heart. I believe that we find bodhisattvas in the three times and in the ten thousand directions as well as in every spiritual and religious tradition. I believe that bodhisattvas quietly and serenely, and maybe some other times more noisily, all according to their lives, culture, time, and causes and conditions, have worked, are working and will continue to work for the sake of all existences beyond space and time into infinity. I believe that the whole universe, the infinitesimal one as well as the macrocosmic one not yet discovered, pulsates with the heart of all bodhisattvas. That is how strong and boundless this faith is ingrained in my body/mind, one with the five skandhas allowing me to feel, think, and share this wonderful path in this life given by wondrous

The truth is that this faith and profound feeling are beyond words, but words are as well precious instruments, useful because they allow us to share and find common ground in our life in community. Without words, how could we have been reached and touched by the teachings and examples of Shakyamuni Buddha, Dōgen Zenji and all the ancestors who have transmitted the light of dharma through words and writings?

I think and feel that when we enter this path-and I am not sure if we really know when it starts for each one of us (no-beginning and no-end)-the practice and listening to the teachings can present difficulties, and maybe we have a naive way of comprehending them. The heart too needs to be trained. Being a bodhisattva is not only wanting to do good and putting others first; it requires as well learning little by little, experience after experience, teacher after teacher, how to, where to, and when to do good-or, simply put, how and when to act appropriately for the benefit of others as our main motivation. As Avalokitesvara has a hand for everyone and for every circumstance, the bodhisattva with all his heart and body needs to experience and learn when to talk, act or remain quiet and do nothing, if this is for the benefit of all beings. As bodhisattvas, we walk and awake in this path. One step at a time, we move in kinhin in an infinite circle, following the steps of Buddha and ancestors for kalpas without end.

— • —

From Chapter 10 The Bodhisattva Heart by Kaikyo Roby

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