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Branching Streams Lead the Way

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In his waka poems, Master Dōgen succinctly presents life’s phenomena as myriad expressions of one ultimate truth.

We’ve been posting his waka here for nearly three and a half years. That amounts to over forty published so far. A lot of phenomena. And still only one ultimate truth.

This single story has a truth to be studied. Do you want to thoroughly understand this truth?
—Dōgen Zenji

With few exceptions, each waka with its accompanying commentary stands as an independent entity. Shōhaku Okumura has distilled a wide array of resources into concise, illuminating pointers to the often-subtle message of each poem.

While each blossom is uniquely beautiful, a bird’s perspective shows us an entire field of beauty. Seeing the whole landscape shows us what a single bloom does not — a lot of cross pollination.

main menu study link

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Today we invite you to share that bird’s-eye view. The STUDY link of our main menu now directs you to a page dedicated to Dōgen’s Waka Poems.
Waka study page
Once you visit, it’s all very evident how you might work with the contents. But suffice it to say you can better see how the waka and commentary relate to each other and also to an array of Dōgen’s other work.

Waka study page
As stated on the page, we intend to make updates as we find connections between Okumura-roshi’s commentary, references and waka translations. In the meantime, please follow the branching streams wherever they may lead you.

If there’s a purpose to the waka it’s transmitting Buddha Dharma. If there’s a meaning, we hope one stream or the other leads you to it.

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