Okumura Roshi is translating a selection of Dogen’s poems, one for each month of the year.


Dogen Zenji’s Late Winter Waka


ふし草も       みえぬ雪のの          白さぎは        おのがすがたに     身をかくしけり
Fushikusa mo / mienu yukino no / sirasagi wa / ono ga sugatani / mi wo kakusi keri

The grasses, unseen, lay prone
in the field under the snow

The white heron hides itself
within its own appearance

This is the scenery of a snowy day in the depths of winter.  All different kinds of grasses, short and tall, lie buried under deep snow. This is different from the scenery of snow on the colored leaves in the autumn.

Copyright 2014 Sanshin Zen Community

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