canstockphoto4726163In November 2011, Okumura Roshi participated in a conference called “Bringing Dōgen Down to Earth,” held at Florida International University.  His talk from that conference has been published in the Japan Studies Review as an essay entitled, “Arousing Bodhi-Mind: What is the ‘Earth’ in Dōgen’s Teachings?”  Okumura writes, “What is this ground or “earth” on which we fall down and stand up? I think it is the very simple and down to earth reality of our lives, the impermanence of our body and mind and of all myriad things in the world.”

Access the Japan Studies Review to read the full essay.

One thought on “New Essay on Dōgen by Okumura Roshi available online

  1. jidenlynne

    A wonderful transcription of Shohakusan’s 2011 presentation at the Florida conference “Bringing Dogen Down to Earth”. All about arousing Bodhi Mind. Worth downloading and pondering. “The five aggregates simply being the five
    aggregates themselves without clinging is prajna, and that is our practice of
    zazen.” (From the summary)


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